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The line outside the movie theater was a lot longer than Casey had expected. The line was made worse by the weather. It was one of the coldest and rainiest days she could remember in a long time. She had once again let herself be talked into going to one of the midnight first screenings for some silly superhero movie just because her best friend Justin wanted to go. Of course his girlfriend didn’t want to go she had something else to do.

So Casey stood there next to Justin in the bitter cold and the freezing rain like a moron because despite the fact that he had a girlfriend, she was pretty sure she was in love with him. Getting to do things like this with him was her last refuge as his girlfriend Amanda sunk her she-claws deeper into him. Casey knew that she should enjoy this time with Justin. Still she spent more time kicking herself in the ass when she was with him because she felt like he belonged with her not the fucking little pom-pom queen.

Still after those two dating pretty seriously for eight months Casey knew that her time with Justin was growing short. She almost never saw him any more and he lived three houses down from her, and they went to the same school. She should be grateful for whatever Captain Amazing and his Stellar Friends story was going to be told on the silver screen that night. It gave her a chance to see him and for the two of them to be “them,” but as she moved slowly forward in the line she understood that soon there wouldn’t be a “them.”

Perfect little Amanda, who the sun rose and sat on would have Justin all to herself before very long. Casey had tried a few times to make her feeling known but she had always stopped herself because she didn’t want to possibly ruin the best friendship she had.

Casey and Justin had lived on the same street all their lives. They had known each other since Pre-K. They had been best friends almost from the start. Casey had always been the tom-boy friend of Justin. They had played catch and built forts and everything else normal kids did. They spent as much time at each other’s houses as they spent at their own. Just no over night stays, at least not that their parents knew about. Some times they would meet in a place behind their houses in the woods. It was just a little shelter they built from limbs and vines but some nights they would both sneak out there and sit up and talk and then fall asleep for a while before trekking back into their houses before their parents would wake up.

She didn’t want to lose him as a friend, but at the same time she couldn’t compete with Amanda St.James, who she lorded as Saint Amanda whenever she talked to about her to Justin because apparently she could do no wrong and she could preform miracles, at least to hear Justin tell it.

Casey didn’t really know Amanda that well seeing as she was little miss popular, home coming queen and all that. She might be good, she might not be, but all that mattered to Casey was that she was taking her best friend away from her, so no matter what kind of person she was she didn’t care much for her.

After being lost in her thoughts for a while She was a little surprised when all of a sudden they were standing at the counter and Justin had to kind of shake her awake so she could pay for her ticket. Justin had pulled her through the crowd so that they could get their popcorn and candy. For whatever silly reason they always got the same stuff when they went to the movies. They always ended up splitting the popcorn. It was just kind of their thing. They also both ended up drinking the largest sized soda the place had which was always a mistake. They almost always had to go to the bathroom mid-way through the movie, but then again it was tradition. Of course Justin got his red vines, while she got her peanut M&M’s. She personally thought his candy was gross and he had always said it was a good way to ruin chocolate by putting nuts in it.

When they had their things Justin made a hole for them to walk through. He was big and imposing and not many people got in his way, not that he needed the size he just always seemed to have a real way with people. People never wanted to bother a man that big who always seemed like he knew you and would talk to you about anything. Still it allowed for the two of them to get through a crowd pretty easy if only Justin wouldn’t stop and talk to a few people here and there.

They took their seats near the back just not the very back, because that is where all the couples sat. Sometimes being with Justin hurt a lot because she was reminded at every turn that they were just friends and that they were not a couple. Casey knew very well that she was stuck in the friend zone and she hated it all the time, but then he would smile at her and she remembered that just being able to be friends with him was pretty good too. She had never met another boy made her feel the way he did. She always felt better when she was with him. She wanted to be a better person just because of him.

The two of them settled into their seats and began snaking on their popcorn while the commercials played before the trailers. They talked a little. Just chitchat kind of stuff. Nothing particularly deep or meaningful, but Casey couldn’t make herself focus on the conversation and so after a while she was caught off guard when Justin asked her if she was alright, because she had seemed like she was off in her own world. She tried to make up some lame excuse about not feeling well or that she wasn’t really looking forward to the movie he had picked out since the last one in the series had not been very good. From the look on his face she could tell that he didn’t buy it fully but he let it go. There was no way she was going to tell him what was really going on in her head. She hated not being able share what she was thinking with him, because for so much of her life he had been the one person she could talk to about anything. Now everything was different.

Part of that had been taken away, but to be honest she felt he didn’t tell her everything any more either. The two of them were best friends who now had a very strong veil between them. They kept things from each other and neither fully shared things with the other.

As the movie began she found herself wishing from the bottom of her heart that she knew what he was thinking, and that she could be whatever kind of girl Justin wanted her to be. She knew it was like one of the characters from the movie even if she couldn’t place the name at that very moment.

Then Casey’s world exploded. The statistics on lightning strikes are so astronomical that it’s a wonder that they even keep track of them. Lightning strikes on people inside of buildings are even harder to figure out. Yet just as the movie began being projected onto the screen, lightning smashed through the roof of the building and struck Casey.

By all rights she should have died right there on the spot, and yet she lived. She was rushed to the local hospital. Her parents rushed to her side. Her best friend, who had been sitting less than a foot away from her when it happened, never left her side. A community came together and prayed and held vigils.

The lightning had pretty much destroyed her body and her mind. None of the doctors believed she would ever wake up. Trapped inside her own mind and body she was pretty sure that she never wanted to wake up, racked in pain, she hoped for death soon. Her time in the darkness was short-lived however.

After a week in the real world, and what seemed like an eternity in her shell her eyes opened. Her eyes were blinded by light and her mind was over run with noise and impulses that she didn’t understand. Her eyes had barely fluttered open. Then more people than she could image being able to fit inside of a single room surrounded her.  

There were shouts and the whole scene was very chaotic. It was all to loud. Yet she heard voices that were not inside the room. She heard Justin but could not find him in the crush of doctors and nurses inside the room.

When after a moment things settled down, and the room grew quite she still heard voices even when no one was speaking. The room had been cleared, and one doctor remained. He was checking out her vital signs in silence and yet Casey could very plainly hear him. “This girl is a miracle, she has no idea how lucky she is just to be alive let alone awake.” She also heard what this doctor thought of a couple of the nurses and some of their abilities away from the hospital. She wanted to scream at the man to make him be quite but she was pretty sure he wasn’t talking, at least not out loud.

On top of that she wasn’t sure if she could even speak. She had been trying to move her arms for a couple of minutes now and so far she had not had any luck. She was scared she wanted her parents. She wanted Justin. She wanted to understand what had happened to her, and how she had ended up here. Had she been in a wreck? The last thing she could remember was popcorn.

Just as her family came into the room with Justin in tow she grew really tired. Her eyes had seen enough for now. She held on long enough to see her mom give her a kiss and hear them all thank God she was alive. Even though very little was said out loud. Her last thought was I guess I can hear their thoughts. She smiled and then fell back into the darkness she had just came from.
Casey's best friend is Justin. They have been friends since Pre-K. Now that they are both about to graduate from high school though that friendship is strained because Justin has found himself a cheerleader girlfriend. Leaving Casey behind except when there is a new movie coming out that the two normally watch together. Casey want's to make her feelings known but isn't sure how. That is until a freak accident changes everything. Maybe Casey can climb out of the friend zone.
This is part one of a new story. The series will include mind reading. Shape shifting, breast expansion, body expansion, mega hourglass, mini giantess growth. Even if this part doesn't include any of that it's being put with them so it's easier to find. Along with other things, so stay tuned. Comments are as always welcome.  
Part 2 found here: Friend Zone 2

The preview Image was created by :iconmuad3d:
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Omega-Knight-X97M Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Nice, sorry for not reading your stories for so long. D,:
Pettyexpo Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
It's alright just glad to have you looking through them now.
Omega-Knight-X97M Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome.
gero111111 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
uh why is this featured in expansion creators club I mean the story Is good but its completely in the wrong place.
Hunterthemadman Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016  Professional Writer
Read the rest of the chapters. You need build up for a good story.
Pettyexpo Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It is just the first part of a series that will feature a lot of those expansion favorites. Put it there so people would be able to track it and follow it.
gyoubu Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
Wow, :( everything up to the lightning strike is me and my friend Jen though the guy girl dynamic is reversed, love the opening to this story and looking forward to the next part :)
Pettyexpo Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Glad you liked the first part. I believe that at one point or another most of us have a relationship like these characters. 
johnhoward777 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
when will you make the other part 
Pettyexpo Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm working on it now. I hope to have the next part ready by the first part of next week. It's going to be much longer than the first little teaser that was part one.
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