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The darkness didn’t abate for very long. The next days and weeks went by in a blur, as she began healing and learning to walk again. The lightning strike had wrecked her motor skills. The time also pasted mostly in silence for her, since she couldn’t really speak. She worked with several different therapists in regaining her ability to walk, write, and even speak.

It was very slow going but she was making progress. What never went away for her though, were the thoughts of everyone in the room with her, and sometimes even down the hall. She didn’t understand it. She wasn’t even sure if it was real. She couldn’t really tell anyone about it so she just worked day after day trying to get to where she could function again as a normal human being.

Her parents were always around, some of her classmates came by every once in a while. Justin though came by every day and sat with her. She enjoyed his visits the most because thanks to her new ability she could understand her best friend in ways that she had never been able to before.

It was much better than having her parents around all the time and listening to their thoughts on their lives and how much they each thought about other people. She had no doubts that her parents were both having affairs and that both of them didn’t care if the other knew. They were both staying together for her sake.

Of course the thoughts from the hospital employees were not any better really. She was unhappy with the thought that so many people on staff had, had sex on the very bed she was laying on.

But Justin’s visits were welcome because his thoughts were about her and how he wished he could help her, and how he wished he could explain his real feelings. Then there were his feelings. In the time since the strike she had learned that Justin only dated Amanda was because he thought it was what he was supposed to do since he was the QB and she was the head cheerleader.

She had learned that often she was one of the first things he thought of each day and was normally on his mind before he fell asleep. His thoughts were often cluttered with the thoughts that he wasn’t fully sure if what he felt for her was love or something else. Justin didn’t really know what love was.

On this visit however he sat and held her hand for a while telling her about his day and what was going on at school. In his mind she could tell he was conflicted. She could tell that he wanted to say something but didn’t know how to say it. Normally she could pick up on what that was but since he didn’t really know what to say or how to put it into words the thought wasn’t clear.

Then the words formed and she knew what he was going to say just as he began to speak. “Amanda was getting really tired of me being here every day. I tried to explain that you are my best friend and that I am just worried about you. But she said that you would be fine and that there is no reason for me to spend so much time with you. I couldn’t make her understand and so we broke up.”

She sat there with her mouth wide open. Surprise clearly showing on her face, she weakly squeezed his hand to show that she understood what he had done for her. “I just want you to get better Casey, I just wish you could tell me what your thinking so I would know how silly you think I am.” She nodded her head, and tried to speak. Then unexplainably her words came pouring out. “Thank you Justin, in means a lot that you stood up for me like that.” She had not been able to speak in weeks and then just like that she was talking. Justin got a doctor and nothing changed she could all of a sudden speak. Her doctor was at a complete loss. It didn’t make any sense. Her parents rushed to her side and she was again surrounded by people and for the first time in almost a month she was able to speak with everyone around her. She wondered about telling them about being able to hear their thoughts but she decided she would keep that to herself. Now if only she could get up out of the bed and carry on with her life. She willed that her legs would be strong enough to lift her out of the bed and carry her away from the hospital.

Under the covers of the hospital bed she felt something odd and very strange. She didn’t know if anyone in the room noticed it. But she could fill it very plainly. Her thighs and calves were swelling very rapidly. It felt like a huge cramp in her legs. Then without really giving it any real thought her legs moved. She made to stand up and everyone tried to stop her telling her and thinking the same thing that she couldn’t walk just yet. Still her feet hit the floor and she stood up and was not even weak. She stood firmly and began walking. The doctor and her parents all thought the same thing, that it was a miracle.

She couldn’t explain it yet but she was pretty sure that for some unknown reason like her being able to hear thoughts she was also able to control her body and change it to make it whatever she wanted it to do or be. She walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and it was very clear her legs looked very different from the legs she remembered. They were very muscular and very strong looking. Maybe it was a miracle. She didn’t understand it but she was just glad that it had happened. She wondered what all she would be able to do with these abilities. She smiled in the mirror because the first idea that came to mind was a silly, but simple one. She would become whatever type of woman Justin wanted. She would be his perfect girl. If she really could do what she thought she could. First though she would have to get out of the hospital.

She made her way back to the bed she put on for them that she was really tired and soon after she was alone. She wanted to experiment a little on her own so that she could see what all she could do. She thought that she wanted her legs to go back to normal and she watched in disbelief as they shrank back down.

She willed her feet to get bigger and they did, she willed them back and they did. She willed her toes and they did. She worked with each body part. She could make them bigger and smaller. She could gain muscle, and lose muscle. She could make herself fat or slim, tall or short. She made herself so tall that she almost didn’t fit in the room. She could change eye color, hair color. What she enjoyed most was that she could enlarge her breasts to ridiculous sizes. She watched them inflate and grow larger and larger taking up most of the gown she was wearing. She only stopped when she heard fabric begin to rip.

After playing around most of the night trying all of these little things she wondered if she could look like someone else. She thought for a moment and she changed herself into her mother. At least into the version of her that she had seen. She was amazed. She changed herself into Amanda St. James just for fun and she had to admit that she had a wonderful body and amazing shapes. Before daylight she switched herself back to her normal self and got a little sleep with the thoughts of all her new abilities. She hoped that she was going to have a whole lot of fun with them.
Casey is in the hospital and is trying to recover from her injuries when she realizes that she can do more than just hear thoughts. She can change her body how ever she wants at will.
Part 3: Friend Zone 3

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Not to be pushy but waiting for Chapter 3 please :)
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Working on it. Sadly work has consumed me since thanksgiving.
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No problem. Work is good. Stop writing this story, not good. It will be worth the wait.
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Thanks for the kind words. I am glad that you think so highly of the story so far.
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